Ib learner profile (Early years and Elementary)


The Learner Profile of the International Baccalaureate (IB) is a set of attributes that helps to form and shape the views and values of internationally-minded people.

At Lonati Anglo-American School these characteristics are shown in the work we do and in the relationships we build with one another. They are a constant reminder that we are a part of a greater whole – a wonderful world in need of persons mindful of the value of life and learning.  

How do we actively participate in the world around us?

    •    We are inquirers – curious, continually questioning, thrilled by discovery.
    •    We are communicators – expressive, collaborative.
    •    We are courageous – brave, independent, determined, committed.

How do we show personal responsibility for our actions?
    •    We are knowledgeable – captivated by ideas and concepts, resourceful, observant.
    •    We are thinkers – reasonable, practical, pragmatic.
    •    We are reflective – mindful, perceptive, understanding.   
    •    We are balanced – well-rounded, adaptable.  

How do we demonstrate our integrity and honesty?
    •    We are principled – fair-minded, reliable, considerate.
    •    We are caring – compassionate, concerned, supportive.
    •    We are open-minded – tolerant, respectful, accepting, inclusive.