Learning, Advancing, Achieving, Succeeding – The hallmark of our world view is present in all that we do. Education is a calling and a service. It is also a responsibility and a joy. LAAS is defined by its outlook toward education. Our principles are found in our priorities, and our first priority is your student.

Look within our classrooms, down our halls, take a tour of the lunchroom and the library and you will see what makes LAAS thrive. It’s a busy, fun, colorful exhibit of artwork, a literaly circle, a science experiment. It’s in those tricky balanced equations and expressive free verse poems. This is LAAS. Our aim is to serve our students, nurture in them a sense of identity, purpose, belonging and self-awareness. Our international programme is designed to impart the universal in human values, culture, diversity and peaceful co-existence. Our daily work emphasizes curiosity and research and aims to foster within students of every age a spirit of discovery and pride, as well as a feeling of enjoyment and wonderment in learning that is lifelong.

The story is true for every student. We seek to instill the vital skills necessary for learning and acquiring knowledge, both individually and collaboratively, so that these are genuinely and authentically applied within a wide range of activities. Our lessons provide international content, though they are also mindful of community, tradition and our involvement with others nearby. On top of it all, we hold ourselves accountable to appropriate forms of assessment and set benchmarks that encourage the best in ourselves and the most from our students.