'Bambini in Braille' Workshop

I would like to share with you a unique initiative that is currently taking place at LAAS.

One of the priorities of our school is inclusiveness, it is to say, being able to make everyone who is part of our reality feel welcome. "Bambini in Braille", an association that has been working in our area for several years and that deals with visually impaired people, has helped us to promote the spirit of the school. Starting from February, "Bambini in Braille" has worked with LAAS to organize weekly workshops. These workshops allowed us to learn with them how to express ourselves with our eyes, with a smile, with our hands, with gestures and even with dots...

Our students, under the careful guidance of the two specialized teachers Sara and Elena, discovered how to read and write by using the braille system. Students first became investigators and searched where this writing was born and where it can be found. They discovered that it can be found everywhere: try touching the button of the lift!

LAAS, with this initiative, wants to help students to open their hearts and their minds to new tools. In a school that cultivates and takes advantage of the possibilities of growth and mental openness, we could not have missed out on this great learning opportunity to explore how to make use of this unique reading and writing system.