A geasture of peace

The terrible virus, with which we have been struggling for years, has not yet left us, and now we already find ourselves dealing with a new and a more infectious virus which easily finds its way into our hearts and into the hearts of our children: the virus of hatred. As parents we would like to do everything in our power to protect our children from new struggles and fears, but despite their young age, they are wiser and more attentive than what we could expect. They immediately ask questions such as: Why do humans want war? Why is there war in the world? Why do humans want to make others suffer needlessly? These are astonishing arguments that surprise us when we realize they were made by very young children.

The children attending LAAS wanted to show what they feel in their hearts with their drawings, and in particular, a Grade 6 student donated a peace flag to the school and asked us to put it on display so that it would be clearly visible for all. An important gesture for the school and a great lesson for everyone! Thanks Vincenzo!