End of the school year

The end of the school year is approaching, the days fly by and our students are growing up so fast. We find ourselves at the beginning of the month of June, a month filled with events, events full of emotions. Shortly, we will have to say goodbye for the summer holidays and our school will suddenly be sadly silent.
Our classrooms and corridors can tell so many wonderful things about our life at school. They remind us of our students
laughter, joyful moments and even their anxieties...
My thoughts from the children, who are my lifeblood, quickly slip to their teachers, to the importance of their role within the school. A special thanks goes to them, to the teachers who welcome our students every morning and who, smiling, are ready to take them by the hand to guide them towards their tomorrow.
A parent, whom I sincerely thank, with her words has really been able to convey the feeling that is the driving force for all of us, teachers; the meaningful letter that the school received, emphasized the empathy that is created between the teacher and the student.
That complicity based on mutual respect that is the basis of every interpersonal relationship, fundamental in the growth of the student. As a matter of fact, the teacher has been seen as a model to imitate, a secure support in moments of uncertainty, a light capable of illuminating the path to take for a secure future. I am prideful to find in this testimony the gratitude of our parents towards our teachers, also willing to recognize the passion in their work seen and lived as a mission.
I share these thoughts and join in thanking LAAS staff members for the passion showed to the best job in the world: being a teacher. A teacher who is able to grow and prepare students to face the world with the most powerful tools that man possesses: love and respect for life.
>From the bottom of my heart, Thank you LAAS teachers!