Literary competition 'Scrivimi una storia'

LAAS is proud to announce that also this year our students will be involved in a creative writing competition that challenges writers. For seven years now, our students have participated in a local literary competition called "Scrivimi una Storia". This initiative has seen LAAS students as participants, as finalists as well as winners of several editions. 

Participating in a literary competition does not mean becoming a writer, but rather pursuing a love and passion for words. Words are extraordinarily powerful, to know how to use them is a unique skill, as it is to be able to give an image to a thought in order to see it physically while reading. 

Helping our young students to develop a love of writing is one of our school's goals, it is to say providing them with the tools they need so that writing could give them the opportunity to open their hearts as well as their minds.

Participating in this literary competition can make students love writing narratives as well as sharing the initiative of writing with their parents, siblings, grandparents, and close relatives by having them taking part in the competition.

As it is known, English is the language of instruction at LAAS, the language that is spoken on a daily basis at school, therefore, being able to express oneself in writing even in Italian is a great merit for our students.

In addition, I must emphasize that our Middle School students are also actively engaged in this project by showing their creative writing and by making a book entirely produced by the students themselves which contains their stories interpreted in English as well. 

Great job LAAS Students, I'm really proud of you all.