High School

age: 14-18 years old

The educational path that seeks to consolidate interdisciplinary learning and daily use of foreign languages, specifically English, used for 70% of the subjects taught, further guaranteeing the achievement of skills also in the Italian language. In this context, we promote open-mindedness and the ability to face future problems with awareness and understanding. The didactic approach is innovative, programmed to provide students with a complete and personalized education.

LAAS International High School for Innovation

Educational Innovation and Focus on English

LAAS International High School for Innovation is the ideal choice for students seeking high-quality, international education with a focus on innovation. 
Our High School stands out for its teaching approach, for the emphasis on the English language, and for a modern, interdisciplinary educational approach. 
One of the unique features of our High School is its approach to the English language. With 70% of subjects taught in English, students have the opportunity to develop advanced communication skills and a better understanding of the language. Using English in authentic contexts allows students to deepen their language skills naturally and intuitively. Language immersion, an integral part of the teaching methodology, fosters learning through direct experience and constant practice.

International Curriculum and Critical Thinking

The international curriculum and emphasis on critical thinking are other strengths of our High School. 
LAAS International High School for Innovation also places great emphasis on developing transferrable skills and study methods. Students learn to study effectively, laying the foundation for future studies and preparing them to face the challenges of the academic and professional world. 
The curriculum of our High School is designed to offer students a high-quality education and it is structured into two biennial periods and a final year.

Development of Transversal Skills and Study Methods

During the first biennium, students will benefit from 30 hours of lessons per week, and they acquire basic knowledge and skills. During the first year, students will have the opportunity to study Italian Language and Literature, Latin Language, History, Geography, English Language, Culture and Literature, foreign languages such as Chinese and Spanish, Mathematics and Science in English (Biology, Chemistry, and Earth Sciences), Physical Education and Sports in English, other subjects in English such as Innovation, Creativity, and Technology.

Biennial Curriculum Structure and Final Year

In the second biennium additional teaching activities will be provided, up to a maximum of 33 hours per week. Students are offered complementary learning opportunities and elective subjects, so they can deepen their knowledge and competencies and enrich their educational experience.
The final year is dedicated to achieving students' complete educational, cultural, and professional profile.

Global Cultural Experiences and Learning Abroad

Moreover, our High School students will have the opportunity to enhance their cultural and life experiences through learning abroad. The school will organize cultural exchanges in countries such as the USA, China, and Spain, enriching the cultural and life experiences of each individual student.

State Examination and Confirmation of Educational Profile

At the end of the educational journey, in the fifth year, our Italian students will take their final State Examination in a Public School. This exam will certify the full achievement of the expected skill milestones and confirm our students' complete educational, cultural, and professional profile.

Our spaces

Our spaces

With the goal of a multi-level campus in mind, LAAS International High School for Innovation was built with a view to the future.
Our learning spaces are designed innovatively. Furthermore, the modern classroom becomes a dynamic and polycentric space where students are actively engaged in the learning process. Environments are crafted to promote students' well-being and creativity, fostering their effective and exciting learning experiences.

Our teachers

At LAAS International High School for Innovation students have the opportunity to collaborate with dedicated teachers who offer stimulating, relevant, and meaningful lessons for their lives. Teachers work to highlight interdisciplinary aspects that connect subjects to real-world scenarios, helping students understand the unity and connections between disciplines.

Relationship between school and families

The relationship between our school and LAAS families is a matter of great importance to our children's educational success, so we have open and continuous communication with families. 
We organize regular meetings, workshops and special events to involve families in their children's school life. We want to create an environment where people feel welcomed and supported.

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