Early Years

age: 3-4 years old

An interactive environment ideal for the development of linguistic, mathematic and creative abilities that are introduced in Elementary School through innovative and engaging learning models. Curiosity is stimulated to allow students to express their creativity and connect with the world around them.


(3 years old)

Kindergarten is an extremely important year for each child. It is often the first time he or she has attended school and spent any length of time away from parents and family. It may also be a student’s first exposure to a school setting in which a regular pattern of lessons and activities fills the day. 

Acquisition of language, mathematical skills and creative/aesthetic understanding, as well as development of physical control and coordination, are important to a young child’s progress in Kindergarten.


(4 years old)

Transition is a significant year for a student. As the name implies, Transition bridges the developmental period between the nursery-style aspect of Kindergarten and the early Elementary Years. In Transition, students are taught the fundamental principles that underlie what they will study throughout their lives. Different styles of learning are explored, and a broader view is gained of the surrounding community and a student’s own special place within it.

Our spaces

Our spaces

LAAS offers a welcoming educational setting and secure environment for students in Early Years featuring colorful, inviting classrooms complete with sensory resources, learning stations and exploratory activities. A painting room, a reading corner and a size/age-appropriate dining area are complimented by a well-equipped indoor play hall with heated flooring.

Our teachers

LAAS provides a team of educators committed to excellence. Their combined backgrounds, education and experience bring to LAAS the dedication of professionals. Mother-tongue English-speaking teachers and Italian teachers are trained and skilled at what they do. They work collaboratively to provide lessons and to promote skills and responsibilities that are both valuable and life-long. 

Relationship between school and families

The relationship between our school and LAAS families is a matter of great importance to our children's educational success, so we have open and continuous communication with families. 

We organize regular meetings, workshops and special events to involve families in their children's school life. We want to create an environment where people feel welcomed and supported.

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