Better education for amazing world

Lonati Anglo-American School welcomes you to our growing family. LAAS is a colorful and lively school where students, parents, teachers and staff come together with a focus on and dedication to excellence in education.

To teach with the aim of inspiring students to develop an intellectual curiosity about the world that is both mindful and purposeful in its actions.

The world needs well-rounded, informed, adaptable, internationally-minded thinkers and doers. At LAAS we recognize this. It is our responsibility to provide a foundation of learning to serve society. To that end, we support and encourage in our students the development of values, attitudes, skills and habits of mind with the noble view that the world can and will be made better through education.

International Baccalaureate PYP

The IB PYP is designed for students aged 3-12. It is based on the philosophy that students have an innate curiosity, sense of creativity and academic ability to reflect upon and construct meaning from their own learning. 

Thus, the PYP is found in schools that promote and support a stimulating, challenging learning environment. The PYP uses a transdisciplinary approach to learning that spans across subject areas within units of inquiry that investigate the important ideas of society across time and cultures. Students and their teachers approach lessons and activities with the central idea of connecting what is learned at school with what relates to the real world – locally and internationally.

Building and strengthening the sense of identity and cultural awareness of the student.

“In this beautiful school our child feels genuinely welcomed, understood and valued and has been able to achieve his highest potential...Heartfelt thanks.”

“The environment of the students, the quality of the teachers and curriculum, and the leadership of the school are unbeatable!”

“Smaller class size = more one on one!”

“Teachers and staff do their best in making the students feel comfortable!”