INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE (Early years and Elementary)

PYP Model

The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP) is a starting point for an exceptional future for your child. It is a prestigious, internationally-recognized curriculum framework that focuses on developing students academically, emotionally, socially and physically in a challenging, stimulating environment that fosters a lifelong love of learning.        

The IB PYP is designed for students aged 3-12. It is based on the philosophy that students have an innate curiosity, sense of creativity and academic ability to reflect upon and construct meaning from their own learning. Thus, the PYP is found in schools that promote and support a stimulating, challenging learning environment. The PYP uses a transdisciplinary approach to learning that spans across subject areas within units of inquiry that investigate the important ideas of society across time and cultures. Students and their teachers approach lessons and activities with the central idea of connecting what is learned at school with what relates to the real world – locally and internationally.

PYP teachers work collaboratively to plan and reflect upon their teaching practices and to participate in professional development training, thus assuring that their work meets the rigorous standards and practices of the IB. Further, the IB requires schools offering its programmes to critically examine and align their curricula in order to meet and/or exceed state or national standards. Recent research provided by the Global International Schools’ Assessment discovered that students within the PYP outperformed non-IB students in mathematics, reading and writing.* The PYP coordinator within each school offering the programme communicates routinely with parents and can provide additional information regarding the school’s academic curriculum.

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The Learner Profile of the International Baccalaureate (IB) is a set of attributes that helps to form and shape the views and values of internationally-minded people.

At Lonati Anglo-American School these characteristics are shown in the work we do and in the relationships we build with one another. They are a constant reminder that we are a part of a greater whole – a wonderful world in need of persons mindful of the value of life and learning.  

How do we actively participate in the world around us?

    •    We are inquirers – curious, continually questioning, thrilled by discovery.
    •    We are communicators – expressive, collaborative.
    •    We are courageous – brave, independent, determined, committed.

How do we show personal responsibility for our actions?
    •    We are knowledgeable – captivated by ideas and concepts, resourceful, observant.
    •    We are thinkers – reasonable, practical, pragmatic.
    •    We are reflective – mindful, perceptive, understanding.   
    •    We are balanced – well-rounded, adaptable.  

How do we demonstrate our integrity and honesty?
    •    We are principled – fair-minded, reliable, considerate.
    •    We are caring – compassionate, concerned, supportive.
    •    We are open-minded – tolerant, respectful, accepting, inclusive.